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Welcome to the Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Association, home of the Valmy Thresheree!

What is a Thresheree?  

Lucky are those who can remember the waning years of the thrash machines.  Yes, in those days they were actually called "thrash" machines.  The art of separating the grain from the plant was first accomplished by a flail.  Later, steam powered threshing machines moved from farm to farm to harvest the grain.


The mighty thrash machine era is over; ending in the 1950's.  Now, the hum of the combines rules the harvest, except at the Valmy Thresheree, where once again, the thrash machines resurrect to life.  The sights and sounds will help bring back your family memories and stories that went with the harvest of long ago.

The Valmy Thresheree offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the tractors and machinery used on farms in the early part of Door County's history in action.

Join us for demonstrations, entertainment, food and refreshments and a craft/flea market!

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The Valmy Thresheree features equipment spanning several decades!

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Each year, different equipment is featured at the Valmy Thresheree.

1965 Farmall Diesel High Clearance

This tractor was restored by several members of our club.  It will be on display during this years Thresheree.


This tractor is a 1965 Farmall diesel; High-Clearance, refitted by a company called Chisholm-Ryder located in Niagra Falls, New York. The owners would install grape pickers, bean pickers or spray equipment to these tractors they bought bare bones from Farmall. 


Once they installed their own equipment, they would have them painted yellow. 


In later years, they painted them a baby blue color.


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The Valmy Thresheree would like to thank our sponsors!

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