Call them preservationists, call them collectors, but, whatever term you'd like to use, the founding members of the Door County Thresheree had a vision to showcase, educate and preserve historical equipment used in farming operations and display them to the public.

It started in 1983 when Bernard Geisel and his wife, Shirley began hosting the Thresheree at their farm.  Additional members; Don Rudolph, Ralph Bochek, Gerald Nelson, Doug Zillmer, Sr., Ben Logerquist, Norbert Simonar, Vern DeLair and Roland Bochek joined the efforts and the Valmy Thresheree was born and hosted at the Geisel farm for the next 15 years.

Eventually, the show grew and 30 acres of property was purchased for the Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Association to host the Valmy Thresheree.  Later, due to space needs, an additional ten acres was purchased.

We are thrilled people continue to attend and enjoy the Thresheree.  Although many of our founding members are no longer with us, their vision and efforts are evident each and every year when the Valmy Thresheree opens it's gates for a weekend of events attended by many.

In the words of the founder, Bernie Geisel, "There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met!"