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Welcome to the
Northeastern Wisconsin
Antique Power Association
- Home of the Valmy
New Planting

Welcome to the Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Association, home of the Valmy Thresheree!

The Valmy Thresheree takes place in August every year in beautiful Door County.  The grounds are located at 5005 Country View Road, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

In addition to the Valmy Thresheree, the Northeast Wisconsin Antique Power Association (NEWAPA) works to improve and preserve items on the show grounds.  Currently, the projects include a tool wall as well as a replica gas station.

NEWAPA also awards scholarships to high school students pursuing degrees in Agriculture, Engineering and Forestry. 

We are often asked by those who have never attended; what is a Thresheree?  In the words of one of the founding members, the late Bernie Geisel:

Lucky are those who can remember the waning years of the thrash machines.  Yes, in those days they were actually called "thrash" machines.  The art of separating the grain from the plant was first accomplished by a flail.  Later, steam powered threshing machines moved from farm to farm to harvest the grain.


The mighty thrash machine era is over; ending in the 1950's.  Now, the hum of the combines rules the harvest, except at the Valmy Thresheree, where once again, the thrash machines resurrect to life.  The sights and sounds will help bring back your family memories and stories that went with the harvest of long ago.

The Valmy Thresheree offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the tractors and machinery used on farms in the early part of Door County's history in action.

Join us for demonstrations, entertainment, food and refreshments!

Products and services
Thresheree Farm Equipment.jpg

The Valmy Thresheree features equipment spanning several decades!

Harvest Photo.jpg

Each year, different equipment is featured at the Valmy Thresheree.

Wisconsin Map Door Couny in Red.jpg

The Valmy Thresheree would like to thank our sponsors/donors!

About us

Ahnapee Hill Cleaning                                                                                                                 LaVine's Ice Company, LLC

Beaver Machine, Inc.                                                                                                                  Luxemburg Motor Company, Inc.

Bochek Sales                                                                                                                              McDonalds

Advanced Auto Parts

Meyers Equipment Manufacturing Corporation

Chuck Massart Well Pump                                                                                                          Midwest Wire Products, Inc.

Cochart TR Tire Center                                                                                                               O'Reilly's Auto Parts

Country View Christmas Tree Farm                                                                                             Ploor Trucking, LLC

Donny's Glidden Lodge

Quietwoods RV Sales & Service Sturgeon Bay

Door County Farm Bureau                                                                                                          Rass Excavating & Materials

Eis Implement, Inc.                                                                                                                      Schartner Implement

Flanigan Distributing                                                                                                                    Schulke Family Farm

GFL Environmental USA, Inc.                                                                                                      Seaquist Orchards Farm Market

Great Lakes Grading & Excavating, LLC                                                                                     Septic Maintenance, LLC

Greenstone Farm Credit Services                                                                                               Stonehedge Golf Course

Greystone Castle                                                                                                                         Stoneman-Schopf Agency, Inc.

Haberli Trucking, LLC                                                                                                                  Tesch Brothers Implement, Inc.

Hannemann-Gosser Insurance & Financial                                                                                The Farm

Havel Welding & Fabrication, LLC                                                                                               The Hitching Post

Hyline Orchard Farm Market                                                                                                       The New Tippy Canoe Bar & Grill

Institute Saloon                                                                                                                            The Salty Seagull

JB Truck Service                                                                                                                          Thrivent Financial

Jimmy John's                                                                                                                               Tom's Repair

Jolly's Street Pizza                                                                                                                       Tractor Supply Company

Ken's Sports, Inc.                                                                                                                         Valmy Happy Hour

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